Ex-DPD Chief Terrell Bolton Is Back in Dallas As DeKalb County CEO Restricts His Power

Our old friend Terrell Bolton, who has since moved on to become police chief in DeKalb County, Georgia, is back in Dallas. He made the trip to visit his long-time physician after losing about 12 pounds in a two-week span, which led to his hospitalization Saturday followed by a diagnosis of diabetes yesterday.

As a result, Bolton has been put on leave "until further notice" by DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis, which comes as news to Bolton. What shouldn't come as a surprise to Bolton, however, is Ellis's signature on an executive order prohibiting Bolton from transferring, promoting, demoting or disciplining any employees, which Ellis announced recently at a police academy graduation. Bolton wasn't too pleased as evidenced by the footage below. I wonder if Chief David Kunkle can make a face like that.


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