For Those Who've Never Visited Uptown's Greenwood Cemetery, An Amazing Tour

Feels like since-forever ago we posted Jun Kang's extraordinary State Fair of Texas short film. But, no -- ain't even been 24 hours. Shortly after, a good friend of the show suggested we take a look at Jun's mini-feature on the Greenwood Cemetery, the entrance to which is at McKinney and Oak Grove Avenues. Long, long ago it was known as the Trinity Cemetery; from the Dallas Weekly Herald in 1884, nine years after its opening:

This silent city of the dead is truly a beautiful location and, although it is small for so large a city as Dallas, it can be made as beautiful a cemetery as can be found in all the land. Young forest trees and cedars abound, which, if trimmed up properly and with nice shelled walks and drives winding among them, would make it a lovely spot for the repose of the dead.

Many of Dallas's long-ago leaders are buried there, among them several mayors -- including Benjamin Long, "killed in a saloon when two men and a woman attempted to leave the beer hall without paying." Here you'll find a photo gallery, which doesn't pack quite the same wallop as a haunting, perfectly executed feature narrated by Tombstone actor Grant James.

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