Guess A&M Finally Listened to its Own Fight Song

Like a lot of Aggie traditions, how is their nonsensical, yet sacred War Hymn going to sound in the SEC?

Good bye to Texas University; So long to the orange and white

Imagine the curious looks in Florida's Swamp when the Aggies, trailing 42-7 in the third quarter, start singing about about a team from another conference?

Make no mistake, the Aggies are gone and Gig 'Em to the SEC. I'm hearing -- though it didn't happen yesterday -- that the SEC's Sunday decision was more pause-button than eject. With a time frame of 21 days, no doubt this will be A&M's final season in the Big 12.

As for the state's biggest, best team ...

Saturday in Austin there was a Longhorns' scrimmage so secretive that invited guests were subjected to a pat-down and forced to surrender their cell phones. A guy I know that attended doesn't have video or pics to document it, but he swears quarterback Garrett Gilbert looked shitty.

Maybe he'll be better come November 24 in College Station, in what could be the storied rivalry's 118th and final meeting.

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