Hall of Fame. Or Bust?

Hard to remember way back when we bitched and moaned about a "Cowboys bias" in the Pro Football Hall of Fame isn't it?

Saturday night in Canton receiver Bob Hayes became the 11th Cowboy inducted into Canton, continuing a trend that has seen four Dallas stars earn immortality over the last four summers with Rayfield Wright and Troy Aikman in '06, Michael Irvin in '07 and Hayes. That streak will certainly reach five next year when Emmitt Smith - the NFL's all-time leading rusher - is eligible and likely six in 2011 when Deion Sanders struts in.

But after, who's next?

Emmitt Smith (2010) - First-ballot no-brainer.

Deion Sanders (2011) - Ditto.

Larry Allen (2013) - The most dominant offensive lineman of the '90s is a slam dunk.

Charles Haley - You'd think 100 sacks and record 5 Super Bowl rings would warrant induction at some point.

Darren Woodson - Is three rings and the Cowboys' record for tackles enough?

Drew Pearson - Still a mystery how he can be on the NFL's All-Decade Team of the '70s yet never get mentioned in Hall of Fame, or even Ring of Honor conversations.

Am I missing someone?

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