Hello, Suckers

Some readers of Unfair Park's sister in print may find something odd in their paper this week. We won't be cute about it: It's a fucking chain letter soliciting bucks from chumps--specifically female chumps. Seriously.

We should know all about chumps here this week: The one-page insert made it into the paper because, quite simply, we were had. Let's let our publisher, Stuart Folb, explain:

"The Dallas Observer received a copy of the proposed insert in 30,000 issues for the week of November 23, and it was approved," he says. "The content of the approved insert was for a moneymaking program with a six-month money-back guarantee. The client, however, sent an alternate insert to our press, and it was mistakenly inserted without approval. A new checking system has been put in place to keep this from happening again."

Truth be told, the insert our friends in advertising thought they were getting, which solicited $200 from "customers" for "the greatest moneymkaing secret on the planet," wasn't much better than the strange chain letter, since the latter only asks readers to pay a buck to join the chain. Still, passing out a chain letter on the streets of Dallas is embarrassing, and we're sorry. Please save your dollar and throw the insert away.

There are so many jokes we want to make right now--about what "actual photo" means in some of our ads, for instance--but we were suckered, so we're going to shut up and keep our heads down. We'll let the guys over at FrontBurner take over on this one. Consider it an early Christmas gift, Tom. --Patrick Williams

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Patrick Williams is editor-in-chief of the Dallas Observer.
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