Highland Park Lacrosse Player Beat Up Chef After Being Kicked Out of Party, Suit Claims

Dallas caterer and restaurateur Andrew Ormsby, who operates an eponymous catering company out of the Cityplace tower and is one of the people behind the Ku De Ta day resort, filed a lawsuit in Dallas County accusing Domenic Massimilian, a Cornell University lacrosse player, of assault.

Massimilian, who played high school lacrosse at Highland Park High School before heading to Salisbury, a Connecticut prep school, and then Cornell, attended an event held at Ku De Ta, which is part of a compound that includes Ormsby's home, on May 29. During the event, Ormsby says, the teenager both drank and smoked pot. Ormsby claims he kicked Massimilian out of the party, but the teenager returned, punched Ormsby and then stomped and kicked him after he fell to the ground.

Rogge Dunn, Massimilian's attorney, denied Ormsby's allegations. He says the fight started as Massimilian was leaving the party. His client was not smoking pot, and he corroborated that claim by taking a lie detector test.

Dunn says another person at the party signed an affidavit saying that Ormsby said he would "beat the shit" out of Massimilian. After the fight, the same person claims that Ormsby said he would sue Massimilian for "enough money to put his kids through college."

"[Ormsby]'s suing for more than a million dollars and we think it's just a pure effort by him to get money," Dunn says.

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