If Nothing Else, Taking Away a Topless Bar's Liquor License Makes Drinking There Cheaper

Out of nowhere today, Stephanie Hastings, spokesperson for Silver City Cabaret on Stemmons Freeway, called to talk about the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's decision to strip the strip club of its liquor license over the weekend. No doubt, she had but one goal in mind: to remind folks that despite the setback, the club's still open for bidness. "We've always been a proud part of the metroplex," she said, "and will continue serving the wonderful city of Dallas." The only change: Silver City's now BYOB. Which did prompt one question: Will former Observer-er Paul Kix's favorite topless joint go the way of nearby rival XTC Cabaret and finally get totally nude, Al?

"We are an upscale topless establishment and will continue operate as such," Hastings told Unfair Park. "We don't think it's important to change our format. We're not going to change the kind of clients we serve or the kind of service we provide simply because laws have changed momentarily. We like to keep the status quo. If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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Robert Wilonsky
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