If You Were Waiting for the Casa Linda Theater to Show Movies Again, It Ain't Happening

I've yet to step foot into the Natural Grocers that recently opened in a smallish section of the old Preston Forest Whole Foods, but my wife has and says it's "a cross between Sprouts and Roy's." As in: There's very little produce, all the meats are frozen, and there are plenty o' vitamins amongst the other health-food products. So if that excites you, you'll love this news, which Brother Bill Holston sends our direction via the Advocate: Natural Grocers is taking the old Casa Linda Theatre spot.

For the longest time, you may recall, there had been efforts to reclaim the shuttered-since-'99 theater as a cinema -- and in '05, it looked all but certain the Alamo Drafthouse would make its Dallas debut in the old McClendon theater by 2006. The "grandest of all grand openings" was promised. But then ... nothing. And by May 2007, it was all but guaranteed the site would go retail. So now it has, reports Keri Mitchell. Expect the grocer to open within the next three to four months.

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