In Case You Miss Troy Dungan ...

You'd think on Troy Dungan's special day on November 13, he wouldn't have to share the spotlight with the man who replaced him when the WFAA-Channel 8 icon stepped down in July. But, no, weatherman Pete Delkus will indeed serve as the master of ceremonies next Tuesday when the Press Club of Dallas, finally emerging from the shadows after the Elizabeth Albanese scandal, pays a "Tribute to Troy" with a luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel. And Gloria Campos will serve as the event's honorary chair. No room for Dale Hansen?

Tickets are $60, and all are welcome -- and if you show, do try to bring an new and unwrapped toy, as Dungan's still participating in Santa's Helpers. The dough goes toward a journalism scholarship in Dungan's name, which will be presented when the Katie Awards re-emerge some time in the spring. Sounds like a cute shindig, featuring "storytelling from current and former WFAA-TV associates, musical tributes, a menu featuring bow tie pasta and a few other Dungan-esque surprises." No idea what that means. But when it comes to weather and WFAA, nothing will ever beat this frigid flashback. Ever. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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