Chefs vs. City on Food Network">

In Case You Missed It, Dallas Was the "City" in Last Night's Chefs vs. City on Food Network

Dunno why Food Network never sent out a heads-up that last night's episode of Chefs vs. City -- a sorta-kinda culinary Amazing Race pitting Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino against two comers -- took place in Dallas. Good thing the 6-year-old who lives in my house likes to wrap up his Sundays with Challenge; otherwise, I might have missed it altogether (though it does rerun twice tomorrow night, beginning at 8 -- when I'm already watching my stories, Lost and Glee).

Sanchez and Cosentino mad-dashed 'round town against a team consisting of former Lisa Garza nemeses Aaron McCargo Jr. and Adam Gertler. They had to make ginormous cinnamon rolls at my beloved Mecca; cheese balls and rolls at Mozzarella Company; tamales at Dallas Tortilla and Tamale Company; and medium-rare slabs o' meat at the Butcher Shop. And: down a plate of Fire in the Hole hot wings and deep-fried everythings at the Pluckers in Old Town.

There's no video, but a few woefully inadequate screen grabs follow. Mmmm, The Mecca.

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