In Grand Rapids, the Ladies Go Wild For the Telefones. Only Took, What, 31 Years?

Sat down this morning to find much music in the in-box. Always welcome on a Sunday. To begin, George Gimarc forwards this link to an auction on eBay: a promo copy of the Coral single "Peggy Sue" b/w "Everyday" by, you know, Buddy Holly. What makes this one particularly special, for our purposes at least: It used to belong to none other than Cousin Linnie.

And whilst on the subject of local legends and the George who Gimarcs the spot: The Telefones' "Ballad of Jerry Godzilla" kicks off Vol. 6 of George's Tales from the Edge series. Great song from great days. A classic. Everyone should own a copy. Get thee to iTunes. Track down Vibration Change too. (Here. Rock-Ola! too. Criminally underrated. Feloniously so.) But at this late date I prefer the slightly herkier, ever-so jerkier B-side of the 1980 debut single released on VVV: "She's In Love With the Rolling Stones." (Anyone remember hearing it on Channel 8 in '81?) I'm not the only one:

Steve Dirkx sends word this morning of a Grand Rapids, Michigan, trio called The Doctors' Wives (all-female, natch). Took 'em 31 years years, but at loooong last a reply to to the Telefones' initial B-side: "Not in Love With the Rolling Stones." Well, why not? To the lyric sheet, please:

I'm not in love with the Rolling Stones
I'd rather go home with the Telefones
Keith Richards can fall from a tree
Jerry Dirkx is the man for me
Hello my sweet do you wanna go to a hot sweaty punk rock show?
And get nasty with me?

Then, later: "How can The Queen knight Mick when the Telefones are the obvious pick?" A free download. Worth much more, especially to Jerry ... pardon, Gerard.


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