In Memory of a Great Guy and a Great Photographer, Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins

No assignment too small: Tom Jenkins could turn a nice meal into a work of beautiful art.

The memorial service for Dallas Observer contributing photographer Tom Jenkins, who died a week ago of a heart attack, is set to begin at 1 p.m. at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, where it will continue till 4 p.m. It's non-structured, so attendants can come and go as they please. Tom, who is survived by wife Lisa and son 10-year-old son Andre, for whom the family has established an education fund, was always a pleasure to work with. He is dearly missed by those of us who had the good fortune to work with him.

He was brought on board as a freelance shooter by my predecessor at the Observer, former art director Mike Simmons, and when I took over a year ago I saw no reason to replace him on the roster of great photographers I inherited. Tom was our dedicated and intrepid Dish shooter, and he loved doing it -- as evidenced by his work in this week's edition of the paper. It may not have been the gorgeous works of art or architecture that were on display in his wheelhouse, but he really enjoyed venturing out to a new restaurant, whether it was the latest uber-riche hot spot or a humble mom-and-pop greasy spoon.

There was something about connecting with the people he encountered on his assignments that he really relished. Always eager to please, ready to work and so considerate, funny and just an all-around great guy, I'm absolutely wrecked to have lost him.

I wish I got to know him longer than I did, and that he were still with us to continue to enrich us all with his work, and even more so, with his genuine positive spirit. But I think that will always remain with those who knew him. It certainly will stay with me. --Alexander Flores

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