Is Del Taco Coming to the DFW? Dunno. Check Back in About Two to Three Months.

We've been hearing in recent days that Del Taco is looking to move into the Dallas-Fort Worth area; sources say their business folks have been scouting would-be sites around town, as the Lake Forest, California-based chain considers -- yet again -- making its return to Texas. Barbara Caruso, Del Taco's very patient spokesperson, won't confirm the company's local look-see. All she'll say is, "We are scouting lots of markets right now, but I don't have any details." But she does tell Unfair Park that "if there's a move into Dallas, I'll know within the next 60-90 days," and promises to call back "when there are more details."

Ahem, not if there are more details?

"As soon as I know something," she says, kinda chuckling, "I will call you."

Till then, you're always free to visit the latest fast-food chain that's moved into North Texas: the oddly named HotBox Pizza out of Indiana, which today opened its first Texas location in Denton -- and plans "to open 10-15 additional HotBox locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area within the next five years." Also, notes the Pizza Marketplace item, "The first 100 customers to enter the store, located at 214 E. Hickory St., on May 2 will receive one free pizza a month for 12 months." Be sure to order The Hot Chick.

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