Kristy Kruger: 10 States in to a 50-State Tour Honoring Her Late Brother

In February, Dallas Observer Music Award-winner Kristy Kruger launched a 50-state tour to honor her brother, Lt. Col. Eric Kruger, an SMU graduate who was killed in Iraq on November 2, 2006. Eric was assigned to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division out of Fort Carson, Colorado, and he and two other soldiers were riding in a Humvee in eastern Baghdad when the a roadside bomb went off and killed them. Eric had only been in Iraq for one day.

This morning, The Olympian way up in Washington catches up with Kristy, who's 10 states into her tour and plays there tomorrow. "I meet people with different responses all the time, and all my experiences are positive," Kristy tells the paper. "People outraged by the war say they're sorry for my loss and can't believe my brother was a pawn and say those types of things. I get other people who come and say he was a hero and others don't understand. Just the fact that I'm able to share his story with them and have a reaction -- I just feel value in that alone." She plans on finishing her tour in Dallas on January 12, which would have been Eric's 42nd birthday. --Robert Wilonsky

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