Merry Xmas, But War Is So Not Over

Normally around the holidays, an album title like, oh, Kill My Distant Relatives That Are Overstaying Their Welcome and Jacking With the Cat Because My Holiday Spirit Has Been Robbed of Me would be most appropriate. But we haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving yet, so we'll take a deep breath and stick with this one: Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album. Still sounds unpleasant, for some reason.

Nonetheless, Slim Moon's Olympia, Washington-based label has amassed a collection of holiday tracks from artists such as Mary Timony, Phranc, 2000 Miles, The Robot Ate Me and our very own local sweetmeats, the pAper chAse, who perform their version of John Lennon's "Merry Xmas (War Is Over)". According to the KRS site, the album has a release date of November 21, but bulletins from TPC peeps and visits to iTunes show the entire album and the Lennon cover became available Tuesday. Like all offerings on iTunes, where it's exclusively available, the track's a mere 99 cents, which leaves plenty in the kitty for the turducken, Tofurkey...or bail for Uncle Lou after he doesn't get the drumstick and goes ape-shit through the neighborhood. --Merritt Martin

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