Now on the WFAA Site, Brett Shipp's Account of His Violent (?)Run-In With John Wiley Price

While I was writing the item below, which I am sure you're all reading at this very moment, several Friends of Unfair Park asked if we were going to follow up on Brett Shipp's tweet concerning allegations that Dallas County Commission John Wiley Price assaulted him and threatened to "split my throat." Yeah -- I've been trying to reach The Ninth Most Powerful Man in Dallas this morning. But, clearly, he wanted to break the story on his own news outlet's website. Pffft. So here's some of what he just posted to the Channel 8 site:

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price was involved in a physical confrontation with WFAA-TV Reporter Brett Shipp on Wednesday morning.

The incident took place around 11:30 a.m. at the commissioner's county office on Langdon Road, south of I-20.

According to Shipp, Price used his arm and the heel of his hand to physically remove Shipp from his office.

Price also threatened to "split my throat" according to Shipp.

The story says Shipp, who was following up his stories about Wai-Wize and Willis Johnson and those satellite dishes for which the county clearly overpaid, was "not seriously harmed." And there's video coming at 5, 6 and 10. Tune in. Hard.

Update at 2:43 p.m.: The video's been posted. Some of it, anyway.

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