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Police Identify Gunman in Allen Outlet Mass Murder, According to Reports

Police have identified a 33-year-old man they say killed 8 people in Allen on Saturday
Flowers and a stuffed animal are left at the scene on May 7, the day after a shooting at Allen Premium Outlets. \
Flowers and a stuffed animal are left at the scene on May 7, the day after a shooting at Allen Premium Outlets. \ Stewart F. House/Getty Images
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Police have identified Mauricio Garcia, 33, as the man who allegedly killed eight and injured several more on Saturday at the Allen Premium Outlets, according to multiple reports. Police killed Garcia at the scene.

Authorities say Garcia opened fire at the Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday afternoon. WFAA reported on Sunday that FBI and other law enforcement personnel searched a pair of locations believed to be places Garcia had lived recently, including a home in North Dallas and a motel.

“FBI agents showed up Saturday evening, neighbors said, and had been there ever since. They say the suspected shooter was in his 30s and had lived here for as long as anyone can recall,” the report noted.

Many eye witness accounts from the shopping center on Saturday mentioned the shooter wearing all-black and using an assault-style firearm. According to WFAA, Garcia’s attire was nothing out of the ordinary, as he reportedly worked as a security guard.

“Neighbors say the suspect always wore some kind of security guard uniform, although no one says they ever saw him with any kind of weapon,” the report stated. “They say he was very quiet, but they say they did notice certain unusual and quiet behaviors.”

The Washington Post reported Garcia "may have had white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs, people familiar with the investigation said Sunday." The Post article said Garcia was wearing a patch reading "RWDS," which the paper said stands for "Right Wing Death Squad," a phrase they say is popular with neo-Nazis, right-wing extremists and white supremacists.

Allen police Chief Brian Harvey said during a press briefing Saturday night in Allen that the shooter was killed by an officer who was responding to an unrelated call at the shopping center.

None of the officials gathered for the Saturday night briefing took questions. Specific details on the victims have not yet been released. Reports on Saturday evening stated the victims of the shooting ranged in age from 5 to 61. Police did say that seven people, including the alleged shooter, were dead when more police arrived on the scene.

The gunman opened fire after parking his car at the end of a parking aisle in front of the H&M store. Earlier reports suggested a second gunman was being pursued, but police have since confirmed the shooter acted alone.

A widely circulated dash-camera video reportedly shows the shooter exit a vehicle and fire in the direction of the store.

The shooting took place on Saturday a little after 3:30 p.m. According to multiple eye witness reports, the shooter was described as wearing all black and carrying an assault-style rifle. When gunshots were heard, many people reportedly hid inside of stores where they waited to be brought out by police.

The mayor of Allen, Ken Fulk, said he had received calls from both Gov. Greg Abbott as well as from the White House. On Sunday, President Joe Biden ordered U.S. flags be flown at half-mast in honor of the victims. Biden also tweeted a message regarding his desire for more gun control laws.

"Once again, Congress must send me a bill banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Enacting universal background checks. Requiring safe storage," the tweet said. "Ending immunity for gun manufacturers.I will sign it immediately. We need nothing less to keep our streets safe."

A vigil will be held at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen on Sunday night at 5 p.m.
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