Super Bowl XLV Commercials: The Good, The Bad and the Bootyful

At a record $3 million for 30 seconds, seemed like most of the Super Bowl XLV ads were cars and movies and Fox promos. As I watched a run-of-the-mill On The Border commercial, I had to wonder if those folks really see $3 million in increased chips 'n hot sauce 'n margaritas.


Yesterday we were treated to the cliched crap featuring talking babies, animals, the obligatory guy getting hit in the nuts and everything from Joan Rivers to Kim Kardashian to an Old West roughneck singing Elton John.

One man's review ...

BEST - I loved the one with the kid in the Darth Vader getup trying to "force" things only to be shocked when the family car mysteriously starts under his power. Kim Kardashian sweating in skimpy Spandex is always entertaining. And I don't particularly like Detroit, but Eminem driving around in a Chrysler 200 gave me chills. Bad. Ass.


WORST - This one was easy. "Cram It In The Boot" was just sooooo stupid. I think the MINI Countryman is a bigger version of the MINI Cooper. But Countryman? Really? So this game-show contestant is loading giant objects into this tiny car and he starts with golf clubs, then a tin robot and then a sandw ...  hey, wait! As the guy crams in the sub there's suddenly no robot in sight. For $3 million, I'd pay a lot closer detail to things. Embarrassing. MINI Countryman = MAXI Failure.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.