Unhappiest Place on Earth: Texas Republicans Sure Hate Disney These Days

Disney is a buzzkill for certain Texas Republicans.
Disney is a buzzkill for certain Texas Republicans. Photo by Patrícia Ferreira on Unsplash
Texas Republicans are storming out of Disney's Magic Kingdom, clutching their pearls and stomping their mouse ears along the way.

Several prominent GOP politicians have recently begun to distance themselves from the beaucoup-money-making mega-conglomerate responsible for classic movies such as The Lion King and its massive theme parks. Disney, you see, has gone “woke.”

Woke in this context means that the organization has attempted to introduce diversity to its flicks, some of which have been widely condemned in the past as spreading harmful racial and gender stereotypes. The company has also taken a stance against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” law because it restricts elementary school discussions about gender and sexual orientation.

DeSantis clapped back by revoking Disney’s special privileges, and now, several Texas Republicans are backing him up.

In the battle of Mickey Mouse versus Texas elephants, here are four of the fiercest contenders.

Sen. Ted Cruz

First it was Big Bird. Now, this.

Texas’ junior senator bragged during his podcast last week that he’d warned the world about “woke Disney” before it was cool.

“And I said, ‘Look, these lunatics, they want to see Mickey and Pluto going at it,” Cruz said. “And the press lost their mind.”

He then mentioned the “lesbian toys” featured in the Lightyear movie and pondered deep questions about doll genitalia. Gross, senator.
Congressman Troy Nehls

Richmond-based U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls thinks that Disney has it too good when it comes to air travel. Its theme parks in California and Florida have long enjoyed protection as a no-fly zone, meaning that planes aren’t allowed to soar overhead.

Nehls raised the issue in a May letter to prominent members of Congress, pointing out that other theme parks don’t receive the same preferential treatment.
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
In April, our state’s lieutenant governor announced on his official website that he is “DONE WITH DISNEY.” Writing like a conspiracy theorist on a Four Loko bender, he warned his constituents in all caps that “DISNEY HAS VIOLATED THEIR SACRED TRUST WITH PARENTS AS THEY ACTIVELY PLAN TO INDOCTRINATE AND SEXUALIZE THEIR CHILDREN – IT’S ALL ON TAPE.”

Sure, Grandpa. Let’s get you to bed.
Tomi Lahren
Before she secured stardom in the FOX News pantheon, Tomi Lahren cut her teeth at The Blaze in Irving. So, like it or not, North Texas has to claim her as one of ours. She went on FOX late last week to cheer on the right's fight against Goofy and the gang.

Disney’s “woke, virtue-signaling” is a problem that Lahren sees leading to fewer park attendees.

“I miss the good old days, the early ‘90s, when you could just watch The Little Mermaid and have some fun,” Lahren said. (Guess she never picked up on that movie’s queer undercurrent.)
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