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The Death of the Album

There's no good reason for posting this; has no local connection whatsoever, though, for argument's sake, let's just say there's a very small chance someone here made it, in which case, well, we'd be remiss in not directing your attention to the best thing to hit YouTube since, ah, this? Besides, the shuttering of Tower Records makes this a timely posting, since every album cover here is 10 percent off at Tower--which, as a contributor to the comments section noted over the weekend, still keeps Tower a few bucks more than even the local mom-n-pops who can't order in bulk. So, yeah, serves 'em right, though I will miss Tower's estimable import section--where CDs were about $30, give or take, because I like music that's insanely expensive as opposed to merely inexplicably overpriced.

So enjoy this find, and keep in mind it's not exactly kid- or work-friendly. In short, cartoon gore.

Oh, here's something local. Really, Google wants to pay $1.6 billion for this? Awesome. --Robert Wilonsky

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