The Five Americans (and a Young Ron Chapman, But of Course) on Sump'n Else

Just got off the phone with the great Bud Buschardt, for whom I had a question about something I never knew existed, which we'll get to tomorrow. At which point Bud, a longtime WFAA man

teaching RTVF at UNT

, told me a few other things. Then, he said: "You know,

Mike Rabon of the Five Americans has written a book

-- oh, and there's some Five Americans footage from

Sump'n Else

on the band's website." Which was news to me, because footage of the

Ron Chapman

-hosted show, which aired from NorthPark Center on WFAA from '65 till '68, isn't supposed to exist. They erased all the tapes.

Yes, Bud says, they sure did -- well, except for one of the very last shows, which didn't feature any live performances. But Buschardt kept a few things. Like the Five Americans' performances, as they were considered one of the Sump'n Else house bands. So, this evening you get the A-side and the B-side -- "Western Union" here, "I See the Light" after the jump. The latter, incidentally, is one of my all-time favorites. Ever hear Kim Pendleton's version, performed with Shibboleth at the Sons of Hermann in 2006? No? That's a damned shame. You really should. It's right here. Keep it. I want you to have it.


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