The Original Mud Run: "Healthy Living," the Morning News Says, Except When You're Dying

The Morning News has a "Healthy Living" story today about extreme races like the Original Mud Run. I came across the online (and pay-walled) version in the middle of the night last night and thought: Well, that's odd, considering what happened over the weekend, not to mention the ensuing onslaught of stories about the event's disorganization and danger. But whatever: The paper obviously had the Monday health package planned, and the story addresses 30-year-old runner Tony Weathers' death in paragraph three. They did what they could.

But then I saw the dead-tree version and thought: Nah, they could have done a bit more. Like, say, change the subhead that you see at the bottom of the photo above. "Runners never know what they'll run into -- or over or under -- in extreme races," it reads. Which is true, but they have a decent idea what they may have run over in this one. His name was Tony. Great guy, by all accounts.

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Joe Tone
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