Tracy Rowlett on Selling the Shale: "Chesapeake is Just the Sponsor."

As we can't get Tracy Rowlett on the phone this afternoon -- left a message, surely he'll call back, because that is how he rolls -- we'll go with what he told Uncle Barky about his controversial new gig working for Chesapeake Energy's new WebTV enterprise:

"I guess the best way to put it is the proof will be in the pudding," Rowlett said. "If people will just give us an opportunity, they'll see that what we'll be doing is good, objective reporting. Chesapeake is just the sponsor, and there's nothing truly different about having a sponsor in news programming. I really won't be answering to Chesapeake. They have already said we'll have full editorial control."

There's plenty more, because that is how Ed Bark rolls. Oh, and KTVT-Channel 11 sends word of a retrospective tomorrow. Let's get started on that right now, shall we? Oh, Iola. --Robert Wilonsky

Update at 3:53 p.m.5:20 p.m.: Rowlett did indeed call back around 3:30, and he says he's stunned at the "condemnations" he's received today -- "especially on the blogs," wuh-oh. Our full interview will be posted shortlyon Friday, as it's long, tomorrow's his last day on the air, and I've still got Merten's GM CEO blog item to edit.

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