True Story of Dallas Art Dealer and Homeless Fort Worth Man Gets a Star: Sam Jackson

For three years, a book recounting the relationship between a wealthy Dallas art dealer (Ron Hall) and a once-homeless Fort Worth man (Denver Moore) has been a steady hit on the inspirational circuit; the twosome's speaking schedule is a tour of local (and, often, national) churches, ministries and prayer breakfasts. Has been ever since 2006, when the book Same Kind of Different As Me was first self-published and well on its way to the best-seller list. If this rings a bell, maybe you read The News's piece on the book and the two men, in which freelancer Stella M. Chávez noted that, yes, this sounds absolutely perfect for the movies -- and, matter of fact, the producer of Will Smith's feelgood based-on-a-true-story The Pursuit of Happyness "says actor Samuel L. Jackson has also shown an interest in the project."

Turns out, it's much more than an interest, at least according to Variety last night: The trade reports that Jackson has in fact signed up to play Denver Moore. Still, the star's signing on to project is but the first step on the long road toward a green light. Variety notes that "with Jackson aboard, the script is now being shopped for production financing." The book was adapted by the screenwriters responsible for, among other things, that Jodie Foster revenge picture The Brave One.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.