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Well, That Certainly is One Foxy Video

George Quartz of Faux Fox, which, on the strength of its "Nothing Gold" video alone, might be our new fave local band. Today, anyway.

Got an e-mail tip today to check out something that's "pure freakin' genius." So, since this missive came from a trusted source and all, of course I clicked the link. It was director Victor Solomon's latest work, a racy jaunt (literally...just watch) full of rich tones, ironically gritty boys and that patented frantic dance known only to George Quartz. That's right, it's the video for Faux Fox's "Nothing Gold" off of the band's latest, Endless Pursuit

Now, I'm not even going to try to describe the plotline to you. I'll just say there's an ominous hooded figure, Quartz on a suspiciously stable motorcycle (awesome), some trophies and one of those little tape recorders from the '70s with a little microphone that comes out of it (also awesome). It's sort of like Talladega Nights for the hip and tortured...and a penchant for '80s glam.

Solomon, it turns out, will be screening the gem at the Dallas Museum of Art as part of the "Late Nights" program on January 19. Per his site: "If you're in the Dallas area on January 19th and want to see me get really nervous and answer questions, check it out." The epic video, which clocks in at more than six minutes, is after the jump. --Merritt Martin

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