Whitt's End: 4.22.11

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Whether you've reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*And then, after Jesus had died on the cross and was buried in his tomb, some rabbits rummaged through a nearby picnic and ate a bunch of chocolate and candy. Powered by a sugar high, the bunnies then rolled a giant stone away from the entrance to the tomb, allowing Jesus out to fly up to heaven. And that's why we celebrate commemorate Jesus' resurrection with ... No? Then you tell me about this Easter bunny.

*Getting pumped about Thursday's NFL Draft. I'll be at Cowboys Stadium hosting the event on 105.3 The Fan, where we always have Dallas' pick before it's announced on TV. I think it's a cool idea to have former players announce their team's second-round picks. I just wouldn't have selected Charles Haley for the Cowboys. He was a bad human being when he played here and there are too many other good choices. But still, love the concept.

*Okay, I lied. I am a teensy bit interested in the NHL Playoffs. But only from this standpoint: I wanted the Vancouver Canucks to sweep the Chicago Blackhawks to take the sting out of the Stars' final-day loss that pushed them out of the postseason and allowed the defending Stanley Cup champs in. With Vancouver up 3-0, it looked like one of those "glad we didn't waste our time" series. But now, after Chicago blanked the Canucks 5-0 last night to make the series 3-2 -- dang that looks like a lot of fun. Meanwhile, the Stars still don't have an owner, a coach or relevance.

*Weird to wake up Thursday and -- for the first time since early last June -- not see the Rangers atop the AL West. They're 2-6 since their star broke his arm, and there's a bit of a Hamilton Hangover. It's physical because, duh, there are obvious negative implications when you remove the bat, glove and speed of the one of the best players in baseballs from your lineup. But the effects of losing Josh are also psychological.

*One last thing on Rangers' pitcher Colby Lewis. I've had numerous people -- including during interviews on NBC 5 locally and Inside Edition nationally -- ask me "Yeah, but if you ever have a kid will you miss work to attend the birth?" Answer: Of course. Reason: Nobody will give a damn -- or perhaps even notice -- if I miss work. Critics comparing my piddly professions to a Major League Baseball pitcher was perhaps the funniest, most ridiculous aspect of the whole overblown episode.



*Remember when we thought the Rangers' biggest headache this season was going to be what to do with Michael Young? Three weeks into the season there's only one Ranger who has played in all 18 games and is hitting .300. Yep, you guessed it. Him.

*Today is Good Friday, and apparently Earth Day. Celebrate by checking out these awesome pics of our planet. Or recycle something. Your call.

*Was encouraged to hear that Tony Romo was organizing the Cowboys' off-season, lockout workouts. Good for him as a leader. Good for team unity. Good for ... wait, what the what?! The Redskins have started working out but the Cowboys haven't?

*ESPN's Jon Gruden is cocky and smarmy and fake intense, but I'm reluctantly captivated by his film-room sitdowns with draftable quarterbacks. Not for his act, but more so to see how the players react to his schtick.

*UFC 129 -- Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields -- is next weekend in Toronto. Pumped about talking to the baddest UFC fighter I've seen -- Jon "Bones" Jones -- today on 105.3 The Fan. In knocking out Shogun Rua at 128, he was like a giant tarantula, all arms and legs and danger.

*Was at the Foals/Cut Copy concert Wednesday night at Granada and they had these big video screens where people Tweet stuff. "This concert is gonna melt my face," "Buy me a beer," etc. There's always some wiseacre who Tweets "I just farted." I don't get it. Never funny. And, perhaps this is a reach, bur I suspect the guy -- we can only assume -- who Tweets stuff like that also litters on a pretty consistent basis.

*If you were wondering what happened to this former Monday Night Football sideline reporter, she was my interviewer on Inside Edition. Yep, still hot.

*This weekend? Tonight I'm in for Sleigh Bells at Granada, tomorrow morning let's hang out at Al Lamb's Honda 11-1 checking out motorcycles and, of course, Saturday afternoon is Mavs-Blazers Game 4. On Sunday? Might just dust off the suit for Easter at church. Don't be a stranger.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.