Patrick Michels
Perhaps Ron Boone or Glen Combs once touched these boards. No doubt, they'll make a fine addition to any ABA fan's driveway.

Who'll Buy Our Memories? A Peek Inside Reunion Arena Before Its Long Goodbye.

Decided to take our new Interwebs honcho, Patrick Michels, over to Reunion Arena today for one final stroll through the old joint before it's locked up forever -- which happens middle of next week, after all the bids are collected and the garage sale's kaput. The city employees left to tend to the barren venue all used the same word to describe how they felt during its final hours: "sad." Randy Barner, who's worked at Reunion since '83, gave Unfair Park a final tour of the arena's bones -- including the gutted and now rather musty Stars and Mavericks locker rooms, pieces of which can still be yours for the right price.

But among the scattered, for-sale debris, there were some amazing finds -- not least of all a couple of Zambonis, which'll sell in a sealed auction for pennies on the $50,000 they were once worth. But for those with coin, these items definitely merit a look-see: the original Reunion Arena hardwood floor, which, amazingly, features the Southwest Conference logo; and the Dallas Chaparrals' goals, discovered in storage after having been schlepped over from Memorial Auditorium God knows when. "I oughta call the Spurs about those," Barner says, with a slight chuckle. Our slide show can be found here. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.