10 Questions: Blythe Beck

She is something of a force on the local dining scene, equal parts chef and personality adding up to 200 percent.

Beck apprenticed with Dean Fearing at The Mansion then stepped into the sous chef role at Hector's on Henderson, essentially running the kitchen until finally appointed to the executive role about three years ago. Recently she took over as executive chef for Central 214 and the Palomar Hotel.

Her extroverted nature, as well as her explosive treatment of common foods, landed her the lead in a television project, The Naughty Kitchen.

We'll let her explain just how naughty things can be...

1. Is there such a thing as too naughty?
There's no such thing. The dirtier, the better. I take naughty into the kitchen and I take it out at night. I like it.

2. Do you have a favorite cooking show?
It was always Top Chef. But this season has been the most boring I've seen in my life. The rest of them, I can't stand--it's too much like being at work.

3. How about a favorite porn star?
No, I don't know any. But my porn star name is Zoe Antoine. Now doesn't that sound like I should be wrapped around a pole?

4. Why can't chefs just stay put?
For a lot of reasons. Chefs either outgrow the place their in or they get apathetic after too long in one place. You have to shake it up. Hector's was great but now Central 214 is like a chef's playground for me.

5. Is there one dish you hate to cook?
What I hate is having to cook meat well done.

6. Is it possible to have a restaurant in Dallas without creme brulee?
Yes, you can. I just think you'd get a lot of grief for it.

7. Who would have made a better chef: Patton or Rommel?
I'm gonna have to go with the German guy. He'd have some European flair, he's good at giving orders and it would be the cleanest, most orderly kitchen you've ever seen.

8. Which two historical figures would you like to drink with?
That's a great question. I would love to drink with Elvis, but I guess he's not a historical figure. I'd like to drink with Jesus. I know it sounds crazy, but I'd like to drink with him so I could go 'hey, thanks for everything.' He could bring the wine. And second, Escoffier--'you were brilliant.'

9. What would you drink?
Wine, wine and wine--with both of them. Red, but not Merlot.

10. What one celebrity could we do without?
Paris Hilton, definitely. I can't stand her.

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