A Woman's View of Wild Pitch

Butt cleavage. I knew there was no way I'd get through this series without finding myself surrounded by it at some point. And darned if we aren't starting right here at Wild Pitch. Formerly Third Base, the sports bar sits between Stonebriar Centre mall and Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco. What do families and couples really enjoy after a nice day of shopping and baseball? I guess it's butt cleavage. Because the place is packed when we (somehow I convinced my husband to come along again) head in for dinner and drinks on Saturday night.

We're greeted by the "I'm so over this" hostess and walked to our table, dodging waitresses decked out in black long sleeved midriff tops and black cheeky panties. Thousands of waitresses. Hundreds of them. OK, a dozen or so of them.

Ours approaches on my side and addresses me instead of my date. I don't know if that's a standard technique because there aren't enough woman/man pairs in the restaurant to observe. But she gets bonus points with me for it. What I find odd is her decision to put her knee up on my chair while she goes over the specials. I'm confused. But she removes it quickly and doesn't do it again, so I forgive her and we go back to being besties.

I ask my best friend what shots she recommends. It sounds like she says "Kool-Aid" (yep, that's it) and then she paints a vivid picture to tempt us.

"It's 1/3 purple, 1/3 orange, and Red Bull."

After we do the shot, she comes clean and says she doesn't like that one. She might not be my best friend anymore.

For dinner, we have the lemon pepper wings: crispy skin and tender, spicy chicken. Really good. Then we order the Texas Ranger burger. It's a burger topped with brisket, cheddar, BBQ sauce and pico. I take a bite. It tastes like syrup.

Me: "Baby, does this taste like syrup?" Hubby: "Yes, it does taste like syrup."

See? I told you it tastes like syrup. Maybe because she brought me the Dirk burger: pretzel roll bun with syrup bacon. The mystery is solved. Eh, I'll eat it anyway. The fries remind me of the ones I've got at home collecting freezer burn.

There are a LOT of men checking things out and maybe six women at tables. I don't actually see any families here tonight. I imagine that plenty come in after a ballgame and boomerang it right back out the door. This is testosterone territory.

A couple of women seem to be scoring with barflies, so maybe if you're single and looking to round the bases (I'm so sorry. I had to do it.), this is a good spot to increase that batting average, girl. (Really SO very, very sorry).

Our waitress is friendly and checks in on us often enough. It seems clean and has a nice ambiance, with lots of buzzing conversations and TV's. I lucked out and landed there on a non-event night, so I missed Geisha Girl Monday, Wednesday's "World Famous Theme Night" and Lingerie Lunch on Friday. But even in the midst of the everyday gear, you just can't escape the butt cleavage. It's freaking everywhere. There, you've been informed. If butt cleavage is within your comfort zone, go for it. If not, maybe skip this one.

PS: They have sushi.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.