Alligator Cafe Lends Help to Its Cajun Brothers and Sisters

Alligator Café, a Cajun restaurant in East Dallas, is dedicating 10 percent of its sales each Tuesday to the Gulf Coast relief effort.

"We're hoping to collect about $15,000," says Alligator Café manager Stacy Nicholson.

The "Fishermen's Fund" drive began the first week of July; Nicholson wasn't sure how long owner Ivan Pugh planned to keep it on the restaurant's calendar.

Alligator Café's menu features a number of south Louisiana dishes made with Gulf Coast seafood, including plain fried oysters.

"We had a little trouble getting the oysters, but we have them back now," Nicholson says.

Nicholson says the weekly benefit event has resonated with customers, who make a point of dining there on Tuesdays.

"I've had a couple of people ask what the special was and then say 'Well, it really doesn't matter, we're here for the Fishermen's Fund'," Nicholson says.


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