Baseball Has Arrived! Here Are Eight Patios Well-Suited to Watching the Game

I love baseball but building a stadium miles outside of a city center is just stupid. Except for a special occasion, I can't be bothered to drive all that way to buy an expensive ticket, eat a bad hot dog, drink overpriced beer, and then figure out how to get back without dancing with the Arlington po-po. This year I plan on getting my baseball fix right here in Dallas. Here are some great patios what will let you catch some sun while watching the great American pastime on a big-screen TV.

Lake House Bar and Grill Patio (pictured above) Bicycle Cafe is long gone and the replacement concept seems like a good fit for East Dallas. A few weekends ago the place was filled with amateur softball players who had been pushed off the field by rainy weather. Large windows and louvers open up the space to let the outside in, and TVs are everywhere.


Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House Are you tired of seeing Goodfriend in every single post we do about outdoor drinking? I'm not.

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The Nodding Donkey Uptown I'm going with the Uptown location because it's more open than the new SMU spot. Sitting inside at the bar isn't that different from sitting outside on the porch when they have all he windows open. I'm a fan of these smoked wings and this Travis Street bar boasts huge TVs.


The Greenville Avenue Londoner Fish and chips, a bar that straddles the indoors and out, a roof deck, and LCD's everywhere. What more do you want?


Vickery Park The Sunday brunch set are a boozy bunch here. Vickery Park is my pick for those weekend afternoon games. Remember that brisket sandwich we wrote about a while back? It's as cheesy as ever.


Whitehall Exchange Having an open bar on a busy street corner makes for a special sort of atmosphere I think is particular suited to watching a game on TV. Where else can you snack and swill beer while mingling with pedestrians as they walk through the Bishop Arts District? Where else can you mingle with pedestrians anywhere in Dallas?


Katy Trail Ice House This is the best baseball bar in Dallas without a doubt. The massive patio is always filled with red and blue, the beer is plentiful and the TVs are huge. Just remember to keep the noise down, OK?


Jake's Hamburgers Does anyone know who pays the electric bill at this place? Every time I pass the Henderson Avenue location early in the morning, the televisions illuminate the street corner with their flickering light. If you like Keller's you'll recognize some of the burgers here. I've become partial to the Jake's Special, pictured above. It's a classic burger.

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