Beyonce and Jay-Z Dine at Mesa In Oak Cliff

Late Saturday evening Mesa's Facebook page teased that celebrity guests were dining in the Oak Cliff restaurant. "Beyonce and Jay-Z present," the post said, instantly drawing comments of disbelief and subsequent calls for evidence -- pictures were demanded. A single photo was posted today in the early morning hours after the two performers left.

Raul Reyes says the couple requested a private reservation by phone, which of course drew skepticism and disbelief from the staff. But then an assistant dropped in to case the place and ask for a personal cell phone number to coordinate the visit and shortly after 11:30 the uncertainty yielded completely. The Reyes family was catering to two super-star celebrities and one very large bodyguard named Julius.

They dined on lobster enchiladas, mole enchiladas, chicken mole and ceviche. They sipped on spicy margaritas and Mexican martinis. "They didn't even act like they were celebrities," Reyes said, ignoring that they'd commandeered the restaurant after closing and ate till 1 a.m. He says they were very nice.

When asked how two celebrities from New York happened upon their restaurant Reyes said he was told a friend of theirs who dined there often offered the recommendation. "His name is Robert, but we don't know who he is," Reyes said.

Robert, if you're reading this, you should stop into your favorite Oak Cliff spot sometime soon. The Reyes family would like to thank you.

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