Breakfast Tacos, Mustaches and Steak: This Week in Dallas Dining

If you haven't noticed, after a few days of doom and gloom the sun was shining outside. It's a good day for some patio drinking, if you know what I'm saying. Don't get out there too soon though. We've got a week to wrap up, first, and this has been a really good one for City of Ate.

This week I reviewed Ellen's Southern Kitchen, a new restaurant that opened up in the old Heart Attack Grill space in the West End. If you're a fan of chicken-fried steak, they have a good one, but there are some finer points to the restaurant business that they're still working through.

Elsewhere on CoA, we made some damn fine breakfast tacos with bacon, went for a walk for some Tennessee barbecue and had lunch at Stampede 66.

We also found a great coffee drink. Maybestache you should try one while reading Alice's commentary on Top Chef.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed Ser, the steakhouse that replaced Nana, the much loved restaurant in the Anatole. Brenner awarded two stars, writing a review that points out pretension and mediocre meat. Considering how upset everyone was with the closing of a beloved Italian restaurant to open up yet another steakhouse, I'm guessing the dining public will not be too pleased.

Nancy Nichols reviews the healthy fast food start-up Start on Side Dish. Aside of some long waits in the drive-thru and some commentary about the menu pricing the story is mostly positive. I may have to get another one of those breakfast burritos again. Those guys know how to cook some eggs.

Daniel Vaughn is the first to write about a new restaurant to come out of the Trinity Mills restaurant incubator. According to The Snob, they better keep incubating.

Over on Escape Hatch, Hiller has a story about a radio duo who are getting into the restaurant game. Gene and Julie got canned from KVIL-FM after eight years so they're cooking up some red sauce and meatballs. How great would a more affordable version of Julian Barsotti's cooking at Carbone's be?

That's all I see for this week, so we'll see ya next Monday.

Later Aters.

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