Breaking News: Fat Ho Sighting in Waco

We'd like to take a moment to personally thank you, Lakita Evans, owner of Fat Ho Burgers in Waco, for exponentially increasing the number of times reporters have to say "ho" in print and on the news right now.

This is a glorious time for hos of all kinds. Supa dupa fly hos, the feared-but-famous supa dupa fly hos with cheese, tiny fat ho's and of course, everyone's favorite: the sloppy ho.

Here's a fantastic clip, full of ho, from DFW's Fox 4 News:

You gotta love how those good ol' Waco boys are trying to avoid saying, "ho" by just ordering their food by combo number. "Uh... I'll have the (clears throat) number one."

And Poor Dionne Anglin. You can actually hear the hurt in her reporter voice when she says, "pimpin' grilled favorites."

For all you cheap ho's, fear not, Fat Ho Burgers has a dollar menu. And while the hamburger helper that's on it might be tempting, if you pass on the chance to order a tiny fat ho, we're not really sure why you came here in the first place.

When asked about the name of her restaurant, Fat Ho Burgers owner Lakita Evans says, "Somebody's got to keep their sense of humor around here." And you know what, Lakita, we think you're exactly right. We eagerly look forward to the franchise.

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