Fill up for less than $20.EXPAND
Fill up for less than $20.
Alex Gonzalez

Budget Bites: Get a Meal at III Forks for Less Than $20

You might think one of Dallas’ better steakhouses may burn a hole in your wallet, but III Forks has a happy hour when guests can have wine, cocktails and filling bites at a discounted price.

During happy hour, from 4 to 7 p.m. daily, wine by the glass and draft beers are discounted by 50%.

Better yet, each of the sliders on the III Forks happy hour menu is only $5. Guests can choose from the wagyu beef slider, the short rib slider or the crispy fish slider.

The wagyu slider is thick and juicy with each bite. Even if you hate ketchup, executive chef Chris Vogeli’s spicy ketchup merits an exception and makes for a match made in heaven when spread on this little burger.

Vogeli says the wagyu sliders are a favorite among the Dallas Stars: They ordered “about 1,000 of them” for their Dallas Stars Foundation Casino Night, he says.

Equally as good is the short rib slider, a mound of gooey, saucy goodness between crispy, toasted buns. This one is probably the simplest slider, as it contains only rib meat and barbecue sauce, but III Forks’ short rib recipe is one to beat.

The crispy fish slider has meat coated in a beer batter breading with hints of salty lemon flavor. It is sandwiched with shredded lettuce and III Forks’ tartar sauce.

While the adage of “upscale food” at “affordable prices” has been tossed around the industry for ages, Vogeli accomplishes this with III Forks’ happy hour menu.

“We’re trying to share good food, good camaraderie and a good time,” Vogeli says. “We get a handful of people who come in here regularly on their way home from work, and a lot of them have become friends, based on what they like to eat and drink here.”

The idea of breaking the bank at III Forks may sound easy, but guests can make a meal out of these sliders, assuming they have one of each, for less than $20.

III Forks, 17776 Dallas Parkway (Far North Dallas). Happy hour available from 4 to 7 p.m daily.

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