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Cafe Brazil Is Going to Denton

Maybe you've heard, Denton is pretty cool. And not just because of our close proximity to Canada. We're so cool, in fact, that noted Dallas-y places like Rusty Taco and Hypnotic Donuts are starting to find their way north. Way north. Like, caught between the moon and Downtown Daaaaaallas. It's a land of limitless, crazy good live music, open-all-night-and-serving-eggs-of-questionable-safety eateries, and now, (pause for dramatic effect, and so you can fish the french fry out of your crotch you dropped in intense anticipation), a Café Brazil.

The Denton-lovin' blog We Denton Do It reported on their Facebook page Wednesday night that the Dallas-based brunch and post last call legend will take over the now defunct Pizza Inn (501 W University) just north of the UNT campus and across from the busiest Kroger in the history of OH MY GOD WHY IS IT SO BUSY ALWAYS AND FOREVER. So many people buying cat litter at 3 a.m.

No other details are immediately available on Denton's newest addition, or you know, on the first page of Google results, but we'll keep you updated. Also, no word yet on how Café Brazil's soon-to-be next door neighbors, Royal's Bagels, are taking the news, but Denton's a place for peaceful, food-based relationships. Maybe they'll grace us with a sweet collaborative project. Migas on a righteous bagel, please.

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Sara Blankenship
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