Chocolate-dipped macarons say, "What inadequacies?"
Chocolate-dipped macarons say, "What inadequacies?"
Courtesy Chelles Macarons

The Love of Your Life Probably Needs These Macarons

Maybe you're great in the sack. You're a sex sherpa guiding your lover to new levels of ecstasy and exploration. For you, Valentine's gift-shopping won't be necessary. For the rest of us, there are macarons.

Yes, macarons. Some may argue it's a tired trend, that they never taste as good as they look. These people haven't tried Chelles. There's a reason we awarded these little beauties Dallas' Best Macaron of 2017. Their crisp, glossy shells yield to fluffy, perfectly chewy middles — utterly delicious and a hell of a lot more interesting than the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Two special flavors — chocolate-dipped strawberry and rose — have been added to the rotation for Valentine's Day. The mini mac pac (six macarons, $11) should suffice if you're a good kisser. If not, the 40-macaron, $85 mac tower makes up for a multitude of inadequacies.

And if you prefer your macarons with a side of light bondage, there's always Savor Patisserie's new Shades of Gray collection.

Chelles Macarons, 920 S. Harwood St. (Dallas Farmers Market) and 2979 W. 15th St., Plano


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