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Club Schmitz Is Dead

The Scoop Blog reported moments ago that Club Schmitz, the beloved Dallas dive bar located on Old Denton Road, will close its doors forever on the last day of May. The news will undoubtedly sadden countless barflies and Dallas-style-burger fanatics.

Of course, news of the closing does not come as a surprise. One month ago today news broke that the neighboring RaceTrac gas station had its eye on the land where Club Schmitz has stood for the past 68 years. At that time the RaceTrac folks were conducting a feasibility study and only planned on making an offer for the land if the numbers came out right. Apparently, the numbers came out right, so it's goodbye dive bar and hello extra parking and gasoline pumps.

Of course that means owners Larry and Bob Schmitz will receive a sizable check, and they say they plan on doing something next with the money. But they say not to expect another Club Schmitz in the future in the DMN interview.

Even if they did try to rebuild the bar on the other side of town it would never be the same. Dive bars are just like people. They're born, they age and build character, and then they age a bit more and start to wither before they die. Schmitz has been in the sweet spot for years now, a lot like Ships and The Goat over in East Dallas. Those dive bars will eventually die someday, too. They all do.

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