Dallas' Burger House Listed as One of the Best Burgers in America

Oh, just admit it. A national holiday is just two days away, which means you're just one day away from an early departure from the office, and a whole lot of booze and a farmer's tan. I'll bet most of you've even put in notice to take Friday off, placing you on the precipice of four solid days away from your labor -- a notable vacation.

Don't act like you're plugged in over there with your spreadsheet and your gantt charts idling in the background. You're just looking for a distraction, which makes Thrillist's release of a national burger list just before a national holiday a stroke of greasy genius.

Don't act righteous. I can hear some of you now grumbling, "Ugh, another burger list. These blogs with their burger lists." But then you will click the link and you will look at the burger porn, solidifying today's lunch plans. You will do this because burger porn is just as compelling as real porn, and it also SFW. You will also take a peek because local burger mainstay Burger House has made the cut, and you enjoy when old favorites are celebrated.

Burger House is not new to recognition. The restaurant earned a Critic's Pick Best Of here at the Observer in 2007, and a Reader's Pick in the same year. It has won best french fries multiple years, and when was the last time you saw a restaurant brag about an award from the Dallas Times Herald? While franchises have started springing up, the original Burger House has been around for more than 60 years now. Go celebrate a classic.

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