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Dallas' Five Best Fried Chicken Meals

I once paged through a diet book that listed foods as good and bad. Salads dressed with not too sweet and not too fatty dressing were good. Steamed or boiled shrimp was good. According to the book you could eat as much of the good stuff as you wanted. Bad foods like pizza and burgers had to be consumed in moderation. And fried chicken? It was listed as something you should never, ever consume.

So if you're going to eat something that will literally stick to your hips (not to mention your arterial walls), you better make sure it's the absolute best version you can get your greasy fingers on. Here are our five favorite spots for fried chicken, including this year's winner for Best of. We're sure you'll agree with all of them, but just in case, make your case in the comments. And get more of our favorites on the Best Of app, available for iPhones and Droids.

Tto Tto Wa Bistro (photo above) I'm still dreaming about this Carrollton spot's chicken. The Korean version may not align with traditional southern fried chicken convention, but who cares? The stuff is good, and the beer is cheap.


Bubba's Food and Wine lists Bubba's Cooks Country among the nation's greatest fried birds. The restaurant submitted a fried chicken shot so hot it made the lead picture for the online slideshow.


Babe's Hanna Raskin, my predecessor, wrote of Babe's fried chicken in a post detailing her last five meals in Dallas: "Its juicy meat encased in a salty coat of brittle fry -- is phenomenal. I'm equally fond of the creamed corn, mashed potatoes and white gravy, all of which usually end up pooled in a magnificent heap of comfort." And look at the rolls you can get for gravy soppin'


Pollo Campero Lauren checked out Pollo Campero last fall and said it was the best dang chicken leg she'd ever had. The batter was full of spices (which are secret, of course), but not slick with grease, and juicy meat fell off the bone.


Oddfellows Sous vide fried chicken? Why the hell not? Each bite is tender and juicy, and the cooking method cuts down on time spent waiting for your order. Naturally raised chickens are employed in this Oak Cliff eatery so while your heart may be laden with oil, your conscience can remain guilt free.

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