Despite its "Paleo" Leanings, HG Sply Offers Good Choices for Vegetarians

Yesterday I had lunch at HG Sply Co. over on Lower Greenville. It's been mentioned around here already, but in case you didn't know, the HG stands for hunt and gather, which should tell you this is a paleo leaning restaurant. Without going into too much detail, followers of a paleo diet focus (almost exclusively) on clean meats, quality eggs and non-starchy vegetables. But the people who run HG Sply Co. aren't idiots, so while their menu leans heavily towards the previously mentioned foods, they also offer things like bread, alcohol and other select carbohydrates, in case you are into that sort of thing

Eating there might not seem strange until I mention that I am a vegetarian. Because of this my restaurant judge-o-meter is a little skewed. I am usually just happy to have more than one item from which to choose. And I ended up having a lot of choices. There was no judgment when we ordered hummus with the bacon on the side (because hummus with bacon is a thing there). Later, when I ordered spicy garlic broccoli, the waitress kindly mentioned that it normally comes with bacon but that it was easily left off. When it was all said and done, was I satisfied? Yes. I ate almost everything and only stopped because I was full. Was it good? Yes, totally. My Moscow mule was refreshing, and since it was made with ginger kombucha I am convinced the drink was a net positive when it comes to my health. I had a vegetable bowl as my main dish featuring parsnips and celeriac root, and I would go back and order it again. I appreciate that they don't treat plants like an afterthought. And that's about a surefire way to make this eater happy.

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What I really liked about HG Sply Co. is that everyone, and I mean everyone, can get something they want. The guy next our table ordered a burger and fries and no one batted an eyelash. Based on the high percentage of attractive, fit people in the room, it's a good bet there were a lot people eschewing carbs of any kind. And then there was me, the girl who just ordered vegetables. Perhaps it is the fact that the paleo crowd, like me, is picky about what they will and won't eat that made me feel oddly welcome at this meat-centric restaurant.

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