DFW Food Truck Festival coming to Sigel's

Updated to include more food trucks

Jasper Russo called out to Dallas food trucks, and they've answered en masse. As Eater reported yesterday, August 27th will mark the first DFW Food Truck Festival, Russo says, with the Greenville Avenue location of the Sigel's chain playing host to a growing list of food trucks.

The pairing of mobile eats and Sigel's is nothing new. The wine and liquor store has served as a food truck destination for Galdolfo's, Cane Rossa and other trucks in the past, with Sigel's using the trucks' presence to market targeted tastings for wine and beers the store carries. But this is the first time Russo has collected so many participants at the same time.

You can't swill suds while you're downing your pastrami on rye in the hot Texas heat. But there will be tastings available inside the store. Sam Adam's will serve the same beer you've been bored with since college, but Rahr Brewery has plans to make their presence known, too, representing the local craft-brewery scene.

The event kicks off at 6 p.m. and Sigel's closes at 9, but the party's ending time seems fluid. The trucks will stay till the crowds disappear or the food does, whichever happens first. (Our money's on the food.) So far, Russo says, the following trucks have committed to coming out, forming a list that continues to grow:

Crazysisters Entice Ice Gandolfo's Jack's Chowhound Nammi The Bomb Fried Pies Trailercakes Ruthie's Rolling Café

Just Added

Double Throw Down BBQ Mr Cool Ice Cream

Sigels is located at 5757 Greenville Avenue.

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