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Dr Pepper Jumps Aboard the Fair's Deep-fried Bandwagon

State Fair of Texas Fry King Abel Gonzales, who ventured into pastry territory this year with his deep-fried chocolate, will continue messing with confections at a Dr Pepper cake contest.

According to a press release, Gonzales will serve as judge for the fair competition, which is open to any bakers willing to include Dr Pepper in their recipes. But Gonzales won't just offer up his opinion: He's on tap to lead a bizarre ritual that could only make sense at the State Fair of Texas. Gonzales will announce the contest's winner by lowering it into a deep-fryer.

"Dr Pepper takes the cake, and I'm going to fry it," the release quotes Gonzales as saying.

The release doesn't mention what might happen if the winner doesn't want his or her entry fried.

Gonzales will also unveil his own "secret Dr Pepper creation to be served with the cake" - I'm thinking ice cream here, folks - at the September 28 event.

Contest entries will be accepted between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on competition day. First prize is $1,250, a year's supply of Dr Pepper and, of course, the chance to see the fair's fry king anoint your cake with hot oil.

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