Le Whif is shaking in their boots.
Le Whif is shaking in their boots.
J&D's via Time

Enjoy a Meat Breeze With The Bacon Inhaler at J&D's

While Baconalia, Denny's super pork festival that features seven bacon-laden dishes including the Maple Bacon Sundae, is in full glory, we thought it'd be a swell time to let you know about the freshest way to inhale bacon.

J&D's, known for their bacon salt, is proud to announce "the next quantum leap in bacon technology": BaconAir (sorry folks, it's trademarked). For $8.99 on J&D's online store, you can spritz tornadoes of porky air into your mouth. A meat atmosphere, if you will. From J&D's product page:

After 2 grueling years of research, we are proud to announce the next quantum leap in bacon technology. We call it BaconAir™, and it's a revolutionary new product that combines the deliciousness of bacon with the unrivaled health benefits of 95% pure Himalayan oxygen. Some of the benefits include:

April Fool's Joke? You'd think, except for the site's consistency: bacon lip balm and bacon-flavored "mmmvelopes" are also available through J&D's. Whatever, we're not punching in our credit cards until they find a way to infuse bacon into drinking water...wait a second...


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