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Five Of Dallas' Best BYOB Restaurants

If you plan ahead, BYOB restaurants can be a lot of fun. Not only can they save you a lot of green, but they also put an endless variety of booze at your disposal and the potential pairings are limitless. Come with growlers full of beer, bottles full of wine -- it's your dinner. You're only limited by your imagination.

Here are some of the best BYOB restaurants in Dallas. Hit your favorite beer, wine or liquor store and get to it.

20 Feet (pictured above) Not only is 20 Feet a great BYOB seafood restaurant, but they also serve up some of the cheapest northern oysters to be had in Dallas. Bring a bottle of high quality bubbles and order up all the oysters you can handle. Tear into some fish and chips with a few cans of pub ale. Or call ahead find out that evening's specials and then hit your favorite wine shop for the perfect paring.


Sakhuu Spicy Asian food was meant for hoppy Belgian beers. The only problem is most Asian restaurants stick to cliché brews like Sapporo and Tsing Tao. Those beers are fine, but when you get a good, full bodied beer with lots of soft and floral hops and pair it with spicy food loaded with aromatics like lemongrass and ginger -- well let's just say Buddha himself will smile over your table. This is one of the best places in Dallas to make this beautiful combination happen.


Bangkok Inn Think Sakhuu with lower prices, a whole lot more history and grit. This place has been around for ages, and the family owned space has become an East Dallas fixture.


Qariah Many restaurants operate as a BYOB while waiting to get the permits necessary to sell alcohol. Qariah opened with no intentions of serving booze ever. The owner says he simply wants to focus on cooking good food. And the Lebanese cuisine served here is quite good. Bring a crisp bottle of white wine and tear into chicken kebabs and tabbouleh. not only is it absolutely delicious, it's healthy too.


Urbano Easily the classiest BYOB on this list, and one of the best neighborhood restaurants in Dallas, Urbano Café captures something special that many restaurants never achieve. It's not about the food, even though it's often very, very good. Urbano Café is simply one of those places where it's just a pleasure to be.

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