Five Shirts To Buy After Your $85 Starbucks Coffee-Stained Shirt

To celebrate its 40th year nuking our insides with caffeine, Starbucks has worked with designer Alexander Wang on an $85 T-shirt that looks like you spilled coffee all over it. NBC DFW reported yesterday that the shirts are available at Nordstrom's, or Starbucks obviously, where they'll throw in a real coffee to spill on your shirt if you throw in five dollars extra.

Not exactly a steal, but this fashion trend is fascinating. This morning, Hairpin picked up the story with a call to action that intrigued us: "Following this logic, what would be some other good T-shirts?"

Good question. On the other side, check out our ideas for more I-Spilled-Some-Shit-On-My-Shirt Fashions.

1. The Way-More-Affordable-Coffee-Stained Shirt

2. The Exploding-End-of-the-Microwaved-Hot-Pocket-Stained Shirt

3. The I-Just-Opened-a-Tomato-Soup-Can Shirt

4. Fuck, Why Do I Always Wear White to the Ballpark: The Shirt.

5. Vomit on a shirt.

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