Five Snow Cone Options for the First of Many Heat Waves

It's just rude to write "HOT" five times across a weather forecast in all caps and bright red. I hate all caps! It's like putting a memo in someone's chair while they're away from their desk: "Don't even sit down!"

The weather forecast is screaming at us, "Your eyeballs are going to melt! HOT's about to get real!"

So, let's focus our attention on the positive. Like snow cones. Here's the who, what, when and where for the snow cone scene in Dallas:

The Oak Cliff institution, Aunt Stelle's Sno-Cones, is open for its 51st year of business -- with the same family at the helm all this time. The little yellow hut on Clarendon Street will be packed all summer, for good reason. The house specialty is the Pink Lady, which is similar to homemade vanilla. Remember, cash only and get there by 9 p.m.


Sno moved out of Doc's Food convenience store last year and got its own digs just next door (10455 N. Central Expressway). The from-scratch syrups are made with real fruit, but if you need it sweeter ask them to add sweet cream. Toppings like chile spice and chamoy (a salt-like mixture that is sweet, sour and spicy) keep things interesting. Try a chili limón (above) or mango topped with chamoy.

TC Famous Snoball has several spots around town where they serve their shaved ice concoctions several ways: the old-fashioned way; with cream added; or atop ice cream, which is known as a Knockout. Or forget all that and get a cup of elotes. Really. It's summer heaven. New hours are noon to 10 p.m., seven days a week.

Enticed is a modern-day ice cream truck. But instead of an awful excuse for a snow cone -- a ball of ice as hard a cue ball sunk in a flimsy paper cup -- Enticed does it right: Ice is shaved from a huge block by hacking it with a huge machete. It's crazy for the small truck, but they get it done. And they make their own syrups too. Their daily roving schedule is posted on the Enticed website regularly. Track them down. They have some regular spots in the rotation, like the Arts District. (P.S. Actually, no machetes on board, but someone should consider that.)

Even though the bar LaGrange in Deep Ellum closed last year, the off-shoot snow cone trailer in Oak Cliff persevered. It's just across from The Foundry, at Pittman and Commerce streets. After a bit of a dance with the city, they got the finicky permit issues all worked out and will open this Friday. Crazy thing, they give out free booze with their snow cones, for those of us of age, of course. It's more like a sample of booze. They keep things fun with a creative menu, like the mojito on the little sign in front.

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