Great Balls of Taters at The Stand

This week, the Cheap Bastard goes in search of tacos but finds balls instead at The Stand, 2916 McKinney Ave., 855-557-8263. Very open-minded of her.

Khakis-and-a-tie count: 6 Number of guys who walked in and said, "Ha. Sign says, 'Parking in rear.'": 5

The other day, I decided to finally check out Rock 'n' Taco on McKinney Avenue. When I got there it was so completely gone that a whole new place called The Stand had already opened up in the same location. Whoops. But then I saw a sign on their tip jar that said, "Just the tip." The tip jar was empty. It stayed that way. But it made me laugh, so I ordered some food.

Iced tea: $2. "Tater Balls," or sweet-potato tater tots: $2. Wishy Washy, which is your choice of any two mini sandwiches: $5. (I chose the burger and the "Chickadee.") While you wait for your food at The Stand, make fun of this: There are two Airstream trailers inside this restaurant. When I first saw them, I thought to myself, "So they spent the cash on Airstreams and instead of using the trailers as food trucks, they turned them into restaurant props? Lame." But a closer look reveals something much, much worse: They didn't buy two Airstreams. They cut one in half lengthwise. There's something unholy about cutting an Airstream in half. I bet it screamed.

I digress. Sweet-potato tater tots! They're crunchy, they're salty sweet, they're everything you want them to be! Get them in you!

(Cheap note: My server said you can use the salad bar to amp up your dipping sauce from the mustard and ketchup on the table to honey mustard, ranch -- shit you could dip those things in iced tea and they'd still be great.)

As far as the mini sandwiches go, the Chickadee was, as TLC would sing, "unpretty." The menu does say "fried chicken patties," and I absolutely admit that I read "fried chicken" and nothing after that.

But menu warning or no, as soon as I looked at that Chickadee, my eyes said, "100 bucks says that chicken sandwich gives you the mouth shits." It actually didn't taste bad at all -- it just wasn't pretty. And it wasn't nearly as delicious as the mini burger and those sweet-potato tots. Next time, two mini burgers.

One more thing to note for those of you who like to eat lunch but can't spend an hour at a sit-downsteraunt: The Stand has curbside pick-up. You can call or text your order in. Someone please sext them a lunch order.

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