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Kaurina's Kulfi Is Awesome. Go Eat It

When the Singh family moved to Dallas in the '80s, kulfi was hard to come by. If they wanted the frozen Indian dessert that's similar to ice cream they had to make it themselves, a process that entailed boiling milk down until it was concentrated, adding flavorings and then freezing it in molds.

The family recipe that once made appearances at house parties has been available all over Dallas as Kaurina's Kulfi thanks to father and son business owners Hari and Aman. I first encountered the frozen treat at Diwali Mela, the fall festival hosted at Fair Park every year. I saw them again at Savor, where a booth at the event was quickly flooded by the masses.

Kulfi gets its consistency from milk that's cooked down to reduce moisture but the reduction also produces sweet butterscotch-like flavors. It's denser than ice cream because it's not churned as it freezes but it still has a smooth texture. It also has half the fat of traditional ice creams.

If Indian groceries aren't your thing, try the Fiesta Marts in Irving North Dallas and Richardson. Start with the pistachio. It's easily my favorite.

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Scott Reitz
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