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Kitchen LTO 2.0 Announces its Second Chef and Designer

Yesterday, Chef Eric Shelton and designer Stefania Morandi were announced as the two creative minds behind the next iteration of Kitchen LTO. Chef Normal Grimm opened the restaurant last year after winning a similar contest in a dining room designed by Coveal Studios. If you were smitten with Grimm's cooking, you've got until February 1 to order your final plates.

With Grimm gone, the restaurant will close for four days so Morandi can take charge of what owner Casie Caldwell called the dining room's transformable elements. Wall colors, art and light fixtures can all be swapped out, but the bones of the dining room will remain the same. Morandi is said to be employing a "black and white wonders" theme that will be minimalist and clean.

As for Shelton's menu, not much has been released about his cooking beyond the description of "new American." According to a press release:

He combines seasonal flavors that are comfortable and palatable for the masses but he's also not afraid to get creative for the adventurous food lover. Eric has a lot of exciting things planned, and I think both our regulars and newcomers will be thrilled with what he has in store.

All of this can be distilled down into a single word: food. Eric Shelton will cook you food at Kitchen LTO starting February 5.

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